Tuition and Donations


Thank you for visiting our website and using our online payment services to pay your tuition and/or make a donation to our school.

Payments can be made by electronic check, debit card or credit card.  There is no charge to you to make a payment or a donation online.  However, there are charges to the school.  Most of them are minimal, with the exception of rewards credit cards.  Therefore, we encourage you to make a payment or donation by electronic check (least expensive method), debit card, or a non-rewards credit card. 

Make a payment or donation

If you have any questions or problems making a payment or donation, please let us know immediately.

Thank you!

Sabbath Time


Place: Victorville, CA

Start: 06:25 PM, 10/06/2023

End: 06:23 PM, 10/07/2023