Grades 4 - 8

Hello, my name is Joyce Fronda. I teach the 4th through 8th grade
classes. I also serve as the school principal.

I attended La Sierra University in Riverside, CA where I graduated with Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies and Masters of Arts in Teaching. I served as a missionary for two and a half years teaching English and Religion  classes in South Korea. My passion is not only to teach students academics, but also to be a missionary ministering to them about Jesus Christ. I want my classroom to be a place where students are engaged and develop their God given talents.

It will be a privilege to get to know your child. I am anticipating a great year.

Sabbath Time


Place: Victorville, CA

Start: 06:39 PM, 09/25/2020

End: 06:37 PM, 09/26/2020